Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Latte Art

What I've been obsessing over for the past 24 hours:

Latte Art :)

Pity latte art is next to unheard of here, even among baristas. Not exactly surprising since the kind of foam required for latte art is something that requires a lot of skill to produce. The sort of skill that requires tons of experience with the steaming and pouring; something not a lot of baristas get to hone considering the high turnover in coffee shops in Malaysia. Ah well.. they're still pretty to look at :D

One of my Fav <3

This one's called a rosetta

It gets more complicated..

Fuh, how to drink this work of art??

One day.. One day!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

What I've Been Up To


Midnight Baileys


Connecting :)


Sunday, July 15, 2007

For Anaz..

Just an update.

And maybe Kar also ler, but at least she's more updated than Anya in FunFunFunChristendomPlaceinVirginia.



I thought he had commitment issues.

I found out he just didn't like me that way.

I got rejected twice.


We still message almost everyday. For hours on end. My inbox has 190 messages right now. Sometimes it has 300++. More than 95% will be from his number.

We still hang out. Heck, it's not even that casual bump into each other hang out. We make plans. And put time aside for each other.

We still emo. Okay la, I emo. Right now I'm angry fustrated sad at him because he won't open up to me and tell me his problems and hence make me feel useless.

and Dammit.

I feel desperate.

I need to know he's okay.

My hands damn bloody itchy. Cannot keep away from phone.

It's cliched but I've never felt like this before. With previous experiences there was always a nagging little voice or feeling. This feels right somehow. Oh god touch wood don't jinx me.

He's perfect.

There's actually no such thing as perfection so I dunno what the hell I'm talking about.

I can't control myself.


There's a whole novel behind all this. Maybe one day I will type it all up in an email for you. Soon la soon okay?


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Penang photos

Turtles in Kek Lok Si are like. So poor things okay. They have to fight for food, or rather kangkung that jakun tourists buy for a dollar from the vendors.

And they have to fight for space!

Then we went to the beach, where some of us jsut donned sunnies and poyohed with the camera while lying on the mat...

while some of us happily stripped off ...

And we also headed to Penang Street. After getting lost for what must have been an hour, we finally found an old colonial place that served the famous assam laksa and cendol. Old school wei.

And we went for a dip at the hotel's infinity pool.

Horse, cat, cow, bat, turtle, pig, and the old man's leg.

And of course, we had JD. And 007. And er.. Uno..

And we went back to the scene of the crime.. Fort Cornwallis!

And there was just a lot of milling around..

Saturday, June 02, 2007

The First Week

I woke up Tuesday morning numerous times, feeling just a tad bit nervous about the first day on the job at Bux. Since then, it's been a good week :D

The partners are very nice and friendly and patient enough to take the time to show the noob around and layan my bumbling questions.

The customers are alright, there hasn't been a particular horrid customer that I've had to layan, although honestly speaking, being in the F&B line is a real eye-opener. There are a lot of regulars that frequent the MV store, particularly expats. And of course, there's the eccentric regular. He's got a shaggy beard, and hardly says anything except "TWO.TWO!" *makes peace sign* I think he prefers female baristas though heeeeheeee.

Linda keeps cursing me and reminding me not to fall, trip or spill drinks.

In my first week I have:

spilt two drinks
made wrong drinks
cut my thumbS on the plastic covers




It's all good. :D Closing shift tonight. I like it the best. The guys make me laugh like crazy.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Gainfully Employed

With a Ho Ho Ho!

Am not dead, MIA, or decapitated.

Am gainfully employed HEHEHEHEHEEEEE!

If you're free, you can find me at Starbucks, MV for the next two weeks.

No free coffee though. My perks are MINE, MINE I TELL YOU! Opening shifts for the next two days, one middle shift, then closing on Friday and Saturday. Lunch with me pretty pleaaaasee :D

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Post Mortem Sem 3

CRM - I honestly thought this was going to be the hardest subject of all, but as it turns out, it was the best exam out of all the final papers I sat for. Thanks mostly to study sessions, MCQs were a breeze, and essays were very do-able. The only complaint is that I quite screwed up my research proposal because I spent 15 minutes daydreaming and trying to brainstorm what was a problem regarding the use of MSN messenger as a form of communication. As usual, when I come to a dead end, I go back to basics. I thought of home. And of Daddy who does not use MSN. So I taruh only the problem being old people. Ho Ho Ho. Assignments were pretty good at the beginning, but our group research was a nuclear NagasakiCherylnobylHavoc bomb. Expected grade : B

PR - OMG. wtf. This was supposed to be THE subject I was going to score for.. whyyyyy. Can die la. I went in reciting SOLAADS to myself for the press release and I came out speechless. CCB! Good thing my assignments are okay. Expected grade : B+

IDP - Probably the subject where we enjoyed being in the lab. Mr. Phua's first lesson bored the shizz out of us, but that was it. He made up for it and more by blasting Reagan every class. Ho Ho Ho, miss him or not, Reagan? Assignments were above and beyond considering our last minutes. Jeezuz, VERY last minute tau. Like that week itself. Hur hur hur. Expected grade: B+

IMC - Again, expected this to be pretty tough. But again it was a surprise. The only paper besides IDP where I came out early. Expected grade : B ( I did quite poorly for assignments)

Academic Writing - Bleh. I told everybody to study response essays and critique essays but I myself forgot what to actually respond about. Bleh. Expected Grade : B+

As soon as AW was over, I went to Brickfields to buy liquor at Vans' (ho ho ho) and then chill at Starbucks and teach Thomas how to play Uno. -_-' Then Kitty's buffet Dinner. And chilling some atas place in Bangsar where young looking ang moh boys shisha-ed and boozed. Young enough to be still squeaking in unbroken voices. Young enough to not be hot. Tsk. Kids these days...

Am going to Linda's house now. Penang in twelve hours. See you on Wednesday :D